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Serious Business

Behold!  Beware the gift of logical analysis. Welcome back to the Serious business portion of this Uniqueverse. My facebook recently has been littered with social activism – more specifically the debacle over the Joseph Kony.  I am actually astonished by the amount of people who are surprised that not for profits (nfp) such as invisible children take so much out of the charitable donations for administrative fees and such. This “recent” problem has been an issue for a long time. NFPs such as United Way, World Vision are notorious for taking donations under the name of administrative costs.  Take a look at Toronto and the recent ORNGE scandal. Things like this are always happening. The reason being is that there is no accountability over charities, and that the goodwill that emanates from the idea of charities often give a perception that is far from. Luckily things have started to change and the sunshine list is a great start (google it if you do not know).  However, the hate on the NFP invisible children may be warranted but what I do not understand is why people are against raising awareness on such an issue. Yes, the means to achieving this end goal may be wrong but the msg is sound/just. Personally I do not believe in donating money. There may be instances where donations are needed (if you have started your own charity or know of a charity that will put your money to good use) but I am very Kantian that I believe in volunteer work is more needed over monetary donations.  Although invisible children may not have been the ideal NFP it did raise awareness of this issue so that maybe someone who has the good will who sees this message may go, “Hey this is really a big problem. I have alot of money and I want to do something about it. Why don’t I start a NFP to help this issue out?” and then commits and creates a group to address this issue. Haters are going to hate but why not play the game and get off your ass and do something about it instead of complaining about how this NFP steals money. GET OFF YOUR ASS and START GRINDIN MUTHA FUCKA!

Randomness and Ramblings of the First blog post

So, this is my first hand at writing a blog about all things that I have vested interest in. My life in general is pretty boring – the same routine of work, school, and such but I crave the excitement of adventure and the uncertainty of the future. Sometimes I just stare out my window and pretend that I am in a submarine exploring the ocean depths or a space ship flying over unknown lands (my room is located on the second floor with my bed next to the window).  Call it crazy or cabin insanity but my mind has trouble separating fiction from the books I read and reality that I want to create or in some cases recreate. My laziness which is inherent and very characteristic of me has always hindered me from changing the potential act of making a blog into the kinetic. By even writing this blog counts somewhat as a miracle…nah’ mean? This blog will just be an insight on things I like to do on my time and an outlet for some of my more creative ideas. I like to fancy myself as a writer  (aspiring dream/nightmare/or just vain egotistical), cook, fashionista, musician, activist and most of all philosopher. If there was one book that made me who I am today it would have to be the Power of One. The idea to become a strong stoic man with liberal tendencies really appealed to me. The perfect Renaissance Man.  So move way Kant, Kanye, Kierkegaard, Kyle I mean “smokingdrow” is here. And smoking drow for those who do not know is a double entendre for a) a smoking hot dark elf (drow) or b) smoking on some of that peter parker and mary jane. Yes, I know cliche and nerdy but when your favourite past times range from the extreme of spending it alone next to a computer or a book to spending times with friends getting hella drunk and wasted at a bar or club you know that chaos is going to go wild.

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